"Mike does an outstanding job of understanding my goals & limits and designs a workout to Achieve my goals, but also push me to further limits to enhance my session.  A great trainer, not only trains you, but helps you develop a new healthy lifestyle."
- Guy Marlette

"I am a 55 over weight active female and with working with Kristen she has taken the pain out of my shoulder and knees.  So I can spike better when playing volleyball and enjoy walking the dogs without the pain.  Since now I have muscles I didn't know existed.  Its time to slim down and with Kristen's help I know I can do it."
- Bonnie

"I enjoy coming her and leaving feeling toned and sweaty.  Great workouts and always switching up the muscle groups."

"I was very apprehensive to train 1 on 1 with a trainer.  I had very ambitious weight loss & training goals & I needed someone who would not let me fail.  Jane not only helped me Achieve my goals but I lost more weight than I intended to AND ran a full marathon thanks to her efforts.  Best investment ever!"

"Rich puts me through challenging whole body workouts.  He's right there ensuring safety an proper form.  Its a great workout."

"Mike has been great to work with.  I have never had a personal trainer before and it makes a big difference.  This is more productive than just having a health club membership.  I highly recommend ACHIEVE to anyone interested in improving their physical condition."

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